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Dea's Jewelry Corner sells only hand-crafted Navajo or Zuni one of a kind pieces. Each item is signed in some way by the artisan with a name or mark on the back and all of it is made with .925 jewelers sterling silver.

Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Turquoise cuff bracelet with 16 small nuggets.   The bracelet is encompassed by .925 sterling silver braiding and exquisite detailing on each side.  …

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Turquoise cluster ring

Navajo hand made genuine turquoise cluster ring.  This ring features sterling silver braiding making it a very exquisite piece.  

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Spiney Oyster Ring

This is a traditional Navajo hand-crafted ring made with spiney oyster in a sterling silver setting .    

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Spiney Oyster Earrings

These earrings are hand-crafted traditional Navajo design made with spiney oyster.  They are set in .925 sterling silver with an intricate design around…

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Eagle Ring

This piece  is a hand-crafted ring in traditional Navajo styling.  It features a nugget of turquoise as well as a piece of coral.  It is set in .925…

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Coral & Turquoise Money Clip

Beautiful sterling silver money clip with a turquoise stone and a piece of coral set into the center design. This is a Navajo hand-crafted design.  Design…

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Boulder Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

This is an exquisite piece of boulder turquoise in a .925 sterling silver setting.  Braiding encompasses the stone with 3 small beads on top and  5…

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Beautiful Turquoise Ring

This is a hand crafted Navajo ring with a genuine turquoise stone.  It is set in .925 sterling silver with exquisite detailing around the stone.

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Bear Claw Belt Buckle

This belt buckle features two genuine bear claws set in .925 sterling silver.  The piece also has two turquoise stones that show off the bear claws.  …

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