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Tatami - "Total Color"

GRASS SERIES 191 x 191 CM The material in the back is non-woven fabric while the edge is composed of 100% cotton fabric. This particular model specializes…

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Tatami - "Simple Noa"

GRASS SERIES 82 x 82 x 1.7 cm (9 sheets 1 set) This Tatami mat is lightweight material. The material in the mat consists of 12 mm felt + paper back which…

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Imabari IO-MA Series

IO‐MA01 WT: 340x360mm, 100% Organic Cotton IO‐MA02 FT: 340x850mm, 100% Organic Cotton IO‐MA03 BT: 700x1350mm, 100% Organic Cotton

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Imabari X Series

X-8025 FT: 340x800mm x 2 , WT: 340x360mm X-8040 BT: 600x1200mm, FT: 340x800mm, WT: 340x360mm

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Imabari E Series

E-500 FT: 340x800mm, HT: 340x350mm, Spoon/Fork by Tsubame E-800 FT: 340x800mm, HT: 340x350mm, Spoon/Fork by Tsubame E-1000 FT: 340x800mm…

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Imabari IMM Series

IMM-016 FT: 340x750mm, WT: 340x350mm IMM-021 FT: 340x750mm x 2pcs IMM-026 BT: 600x1200mm IMM-031 FT: 340x750mm x 2, WT: 340x350mm…

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